Vanity Fair touted 2016 as “the year social media replaced celebrity P.R.” and 2017 is growing this trend even further. Welcome to the new social age where we have unprecedented access to our favorite stars at the touch of a button. And a level playing field where we can be as famous as the famous people. With social media replacing public relations, it’s no wonder that more of us are harnessing its power to build our platforms and engage with our audiences. We are now advertising ourselves on social media more than ever before, giving us larger audiences to influence. That makes us celebrities. So how can we create accounts that emulate our favorite celebrities? We’ve found these five elements that make up a celeb-worthy account.

Be yourself.

What’s the difference between you and a celebrity? Yes – zillions of dollars, thousands of adoring fans and never ending fame. But celebrities are just being themselves. Audiences love authenticity and candor. Do your best to present every quirky, silly, smart, unique part of yourself. Just be you.

Stand out.

While being you is important, so is standing out. If you want to look like a celebrity on social media, you’ve got to do something different. Have a secret talent? Showcase it. Are you super charismatic? Post videos where the spotlight is on you and your awesome self. Host Q&A Fridays on Periscope or Facebook Live, share snippets of you strumming your guitar, or share knowledge to promote your status as thought leader. Find your niche and share your uniqueness – often.

Find your entourage.

Photo source: Instagram @savorsuccess

Name a celebrity on social media that doesn’t let you into the lives of their squad. Your entourage can be your close friends, your coworkers, your kids; it’s up to you. Got a lifestyle brand? Include content and photos of you brunching with your besties (bonus points for getting them to coordinate outfits or styles of dress). If your account is geared towards family, showcase styled photos of you and your kids while tagging family-oriented brands for increased exposure.

Dress to impress.

You are not a celebrity until you know how to dress. We’re not about talking expensive clothes and buying luxury items here. Simply be aware of how you put yourself together by planning your outfits and creating your own sense of style – this will create your cohesive public image. And if you want to go the extra mile to emulate your favorite celeb, have someone take “candid” shots of you while you are out shopping – making sure you are dressed down and wearing oversized sunglasses.

Be consistent.

Celebrities are essentially brands, and they (or their social media teams) work hard to post content that aligns with their brand. An effective brand requires a consistent message and a visual story to represent that directive. By posting consistent content that aligns with you and your own personal brand, you have more of a chance of looking like a polished celebrity

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